How to Install Hebel Wall Panels on Timber Wall Frames

In this blog post, we'll be focusing on the installation of Hebel PowerPanel XL panels on timber wall frames.

Hebel PowerPanelXL is an external wall system for houses and low-rise multi-residential applications, including extensions and re-cladding of existing homes. Consisting of 75mm thick steel-reinforced panels, Hebel PowerPanelXL is easy to install on two-storey dwellings.

Panels are fixed vertically to steel horizontal top hats attached to the load-bearing timber or steel frame.  Installation of the panels is fast and can be done by two people. Professional Hebel installers can install up to 150m2 within 3 days depending on site conditions.

The guide below explains steps for exterior wall installation attached to a timber wall frame.


Materials you need to start the installation of Hebel PowerPanels:


Hebel PowerPanels50 (2.4m, 2.7m or 3m length)

Hebel Deflection Head Track

Hebel aluminium Wall Brackets fixed to frames

Hebel Adhesive to bond panels at vertical joints

Hebel 50mm Trowel to apply adhesive

Hebel Anti Corrosion Protection Paint to coat exposed reinforcement

Backing rod for fire and acoustic sealing

CSR FireSeal for fire & acoustic rating requirements

13mm Bradford Fireseal Damper Strips cut into 55mm wide strips for horizontal control joints


Installation of  Hebel Power Panel on Timber Wall Frames:


  • Mark out wall positions next to the timber framing
  • Measure position for Hebel Deflection Head Track
  • Fix continuous Deflection Head Track to a concrete slab by using M8 Dynabolts at 600mm centres and 100mm from ends (maximums) Fixing continuous Deflection Head Track


  • Seal all butt joints on deflection track with CSR Firesealseal deflection track


  • Place Hebel panel in Deflection Head TrackPlace Hebel panels in deflection track


  • Screw fix Hebel Wall Bracket to the top plate of frame and back of the Hebel panelFixing Hebel panels to wall bracket and frame


  • Fix at 600mm cetres within 50mm either side of centreline
  • Prepare Hebel adhesive by mixing components (20kg bag to 5 litres of clean water)


  • Apply adhesive along the vertical edge of the panel and push panels together so joint is 2-3mm thickapply adhesive on Hebel panel


  • Use sufficient pressure to fully bed panels
  • Fill any gaps between panels using a 280mm or 305mm rust-resistant stainless-steel blade trowel. Spread the excess glue to make the surface smooth.filling gaps between Hebel panels


  • Install vertical control joints at 6m spacings and 10mm widths (minimum)
  • Cut the last hebel panels onsite to the required size to finish the wall

Do you need advice about Hebel PowerPanel installation?
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