Why Choose Hebel for External Wall Cladding

The exterior (technically known as the elevation) is one of the most important parts of home design. It’s always crafted to invoke a stylish vibe, but more than aesthetics, it needs to be sufficiently sturdy and resilient to provide ample protection against the elements.

Therefore, the material composition of your home’s façade is what determines how long-lasting it’s going to be in the long run.

That’s where CSR Hebel – Australia’s leading manufacturer of building materials – comes in. Known for their lightweight building products, the company is popular for its wall panels and blocks. Hebel wall panels are perfect for residential external wall construction because they are super convenient to install, are eco-friendly, and can hold their own against the elements. Let’s take a look at the company’s top 3 products:

1. PowerPanelXL

The problem with traditional masonry is that it takes a lot of time and money to construct – plus there are too many inadvertent site setbacks that may pop up in the way. But with Hebel walls, especially the PowerPanelXL, you can easily bypass most of these milestones with relative ease. 


If you’re wondering what exactly these panels are made of, then rest assured: each Hebel PowerPanelXL is 75mm thick and steel reinforced! Every single one is as sturdy as they come, layered with steel and anti-corrosion layer. These panels are attached vertically onto prefabricated wall frames and perforated Top Hat section (which is also patented by Hebel) and can be easily anchored to your house’s façade.

By simply mooring the panel to the section, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to design the entire façade. In fact, according to official Hebel statistics, constructing a PowerPanelXL façade is 60% faster and more efficient than traditional exterior products. PowerPanelXl prices are competitive and allow for building affordable quality homes.

You also get the added benefits of thermal insulation performance, which provides amazing heat-resistance and is recommended for areas impacted by the bushfires. Other advantages include extra strength, noise reduction, energy efficiency, and eco-friendly nature of these panels. 


2. PowerPanel50

This particular Hebel wall panel is specially designed for residential and low-rise multi-residential projects. Once again, the main point is to deliver quick, efficient, and less time-consuming results while crafting a stylish exterior for your buildings.


PowelPanel50 is a Hebel installation that delivers on all these fronts. It’s available in many thicknesses, so you can choose and customize according to the specifications, locations, and specialized needs of your residential exterior. For example, the PowerPanel50 used in low-rise building exteriors would have different specifications than the one used in simple home exteriors. For your reference, these panels are available in 2400mm, 2550mm, 2700mm, 2850mm and 3000mm lengths, but share the same thickness: i.e. 50mm.


These Hebel wall panels are very durable and resilient. They are reinforced with steel and an anti-corrosion layer that provides amazing resistance against the elements, promising a longer, fresher look for your home exterior.


Other than offering faster, minimal risk construction times and being solid and secure, the PowerPanel50 also has great fire-rating compliance, which makes it perfect for areas that are susceptible to heated climatic conditions and bushfires.


3. PowerBlock+

While the previous two Hebel installations were about exterior panelling, PowerBlock+ is more of a construction alternative. You can use it as a replacement for double-brick exterior and interior wall construction. It’s sturdy enough to be feasible for load-bearing purposes (for up to 3 stories) and can be shaped to suit your aesthetic appeal as well.


The sheer flexibility and functional versatility of PowerBlock+ make it a prime material choice for residential projects. Its amazing thermal performance ensures cooler interiors in summer and cozier spaces in winter. The superior acoustic properties of this material also reduce the impact of noise pollution within your spaces. 


Other than that, the PowerBlock+ satisfies all Australian building code requirements for safety. It also promises excellent and speedy construction that is solid, fire-resistant, sturdy, and eco-friendly to boot.

So, these are some amazing alternative exterior design and construction choices from Hebel wall panels. They promise excellence in construction quality and swiftness in your project completion timeframe. They’re a great investment for all residential projects.


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