Cost Effective Construction with Hebel Wall Systems

First impressions are last impressions when it comes to building a home and the products used define the overall look of your project.
While more traditional types of cladding are all well and good, homeowners now look for more innovative solutions, and external Hebel Wall Panels manufactured locally by CSR are designed to deliver on the visual, functional, and ergonomic front. These panels are steel-reinforced, extremely resilient, non-combustible, and can be fixed to both steel and timber frames. With excellent acoustic performance, amazing thermal properties, potential finishes, and qualitative, easy installations, Hebel is a great choice to clad the exterior of your build.
Hebel wall panels are an all-rounder and also come with the competitive installation prices when compared to other rendered and painted masonry finishes. Here’s why:

1. Cheaper than Rendered and Painted Masonry
Typical masonry exterior walls and cladding options are a time-consuming construct. With Single Storey houses only taking 2 days to erect external walls on a full Hebel home. This is one of many reasons why Hebel wall panels are a much more efficient and cost-saving option. These panels are a great internal and external wall alternative. They are 75mm thick and 600mm wide and come in many lengths ranging from 2.4m to 3.3m. This results in much less waste, which helps reduce the overall cost and build time of any project.

2. Reduction in time the overall Building Process
One of the main reasons why a Hebel external wall system is ideal for your build is the drastic reduction in build time. Hebel is much faster to install than laying traditional bricks and cheaper to render and paint. The quick installation speed is especially suitable for builders, as this allows them to get their houses to the lock-up stage as fast as possible without compromising the quality of their build.
Moreover, these panels are typically one-quarter the weight of traditional masonry, which means that the labour and machinery involved in the installation process are decidedly less than conventional masonry. The low-weight also comes in handy when you’re working on slope-oriented sites.
Each panel is approximately 600mm wide and can range between 2.4m and 3.3m in height, which is the equivalent of about 75 standard bricks, so installing just one panel is more efficient and decidedly less time consuming than carefully laying 75 individual bricks.
Hebel panels are also very ergonomic to handle. If a panel doesn’t fit certain dimensions on the façade, it can be easily cut or altered on-site with the help of standard tools.

3. Rendered & Painted to Perfection
As compared to rendered bricks, rendered and painted Hebel wall panels are cost-effective, and have a higher tolerance to cracking as opposed to other rendered and painted masonry wall systems. This drastically reduces the cost of future maintenance. In comparison, brick systems that face a lot of wear and tear tend to crack and are much more difficult to repair.

4. Thermal Insulation Savings

Traditional brick masonry is quite porous, so even after a lot of external treatments, it tends to provide an only moderate amount of thermal insulation. Bricks also hold the heat of the sun long after it has set, to the interior always remains hot in summer. Comparatively, Hebel wall panels also provide cost-effective thermal benefits with an R-value 0.52 compared to standard bricks which only have an R-value of 0.18. They help keep the interior of a home cool in summer and warm in the winter, which ultimately translates into long-term savings in your energy bills.

5. Reduced Labour Costs
Hebel wall panels increase your cost savings because they do away with the need for costly labour. It can be very hard to find good bricklayers and traditional masonry also requires brick cleaners, which increases the overall cost of the project. Whereas, with Hebel, you can save costs due to the quick and easy installation.

6. Affordability
More often than not a rendered and painted finish to a home is a key indicator of a costly premium finish.
Previously home builders and owners settled for a render finish to brick on the front facade of a home, sacrificing on the sought out render and paint finish a homeowner has always wanted and the builder has always wanted to deliver.
With the use of the Hebel external wall systems that premium finish is now within budget for a single storey and double-storey homes. The Hebel PowerPanel system caters for price-savvy builders and homeowners without compromising on functionality overall aesthetics.
Residential installation is inclusive of the residential wall wrap, batten screws, top-hat channels, caulking, Hebel, rendering, texturing, and painting. When comparing the cost of brick rendered and painted versus Hebel, rendered and painted, the savings with the Hebel system are considerably cheaper.
On average the cost savings on double-storey Hebel homes are approximately $10,000-$15,000 less and on a single storey home $5000 - $6000.

The Hebel external wall system is a much more efficient and cheaper alternative to traditional rendered and painted masonry. Its speedy installation, reduced construction time, good thermal properties, and easy maintenance are a must for your next build.
Corebuild Services has completed numerous residential and commercial installations of Hebel, rendering and painting projects promising fast and cost-effective project management with a high level of attention to detail.