Why Choose Hebel for Building in Bushfire Prone Areas?

In 2020 Australia had one of the worst fire seasons on record with more than 3000 houses lost to the bushfires.  Unfortunately, as global warming continues people living in bushfire-prone rural-urban areas, as well as leafy suburbs of major Australian cities, are at risk of facing another challenging bushfire season. Hence there's been a growing demand on fire-resistant construction materials with a validated FRL (Fire Resistance Level). When investing in a durable, fire-resistant external cladding, there’s a lot to consider when choosing the right construction materials.

But what if there was a single solution for all these dilemmas?

This is where Hebel comes in. Hebel products are one of the best building materials for bushfire areas. They have incredible non-combustible properties that help them retain their form even under extreme heat. Let’s take a look at everything Hebel can offer to buildings located in bushfire-prone areas:


1.Proven Fire Resistance Levels

Hebel products are known for their excellent Fire Resistance Levels and flame resistant properties. As such, they’ve proven their worth as the best building materials for bushfire areas.  All building products Hebel offers are made from non-combustible materials, which means that they neither burn nor give off flammable vapours when exposed to flames and extreme temperatures.


Hebel systems have been tested by CSIRO, so their fire resistance has undergone tried and true testing. The excellent quality control has shown that an average Hebel product can achieve Fire Resistance Levels of 60 minutes through to 240 minutes. This is an exceptional timeframe and would help shelter your properties for an adequate amount of time during a bushfire.


2.Meeting All Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Categories

Every home located in a bushfire prone area must go through BAL assessment before a building permit is even issued. There are several levels on this scale, each one progressing to higher categories the more when your home is located in areas with a dense radius of vegetation. The minimum level on the BAL scale is 12.5 and the highest is BAL-FZ, which characterizes extreme risk. Here’s a small glossary of all Bushfire  Attack Level categories for your perusal:


a.BAL-Low: This is a low-risk level with little to no exposure to even embers.

b.BAL-12.5: This level caters to simple ember attacks.

c.BAL-19: This level is defined by a heat flux between 12.5 and 19kW m2 along with embers and windborne burning debris.

d.BAL-29: This level characterizes an increasing heat flux between 19 and 29kW m2 along with ember attacks and burning debris.

e.BAL-40: This level is where ember attacks and ignites debris hails at buildings like a windborne hurricane.

f.BAL-FZ: This is where homes are exposed to direct flames and ember attacks.


If you’re constructing a building in a bushfire prone area, Hebel can handle even the most extreme conditions. Hebel products meet and exceed requirements for all six Bushfire Attack Level categories. Moreover, since Hebel products cover all building design aspects, the versatile variety means that you can choose your pick from external cladding, internal walls, floors and fencing products.


You’ll especially love the Hebel PowerPanel XL external wall system. It has an FRL of 180/180/180 and is termite resistant as well. Both PowerFloor and the 50mm Hebel Party Wall Systems provide great FRL ratings of 90/90/90 and additionally offer great thermal and acoustic properties. Lastly, we have the PowerFence, which is an attractive modular fencing system that provides an efficient privacy and noise barrier. It features non-combustible panels and steel posts.


As you can see, Hebel products are designed to withstand heat exposure. This makes them the best choice for building materials in bushfire prone areas without succumbing to any design constraints, or ergonomic setbacks !


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