Premium Modular Fencing System - Hebel PowerFence

Hebel Powerfence is a premium modular fencing system that is gaining popularity and is often recommended for use in high-end residential and commercial construction projects in Australia. CSR Hebel designed and created fencing solution that’s an excellent alternative to typical brick walls, metal and timber fences and modular wall systems made from low-quality materials. Hebel Powerfence is a premium quality masonry fence that is solid, simple to build and stylish.

Here’s why you should opt for a Hebel Powerfence system:


  1. Lots of aesthetic options

Every house exterior has its personality, so a generic fence is never a good option if you want your home to stand out from the rest. Hebel Powerfence accommodates in this regard by offering plenty of options for different types of finishes. You can go for rendering, texturing or simple paint or even combine it with other decorative treatments such as timber, ironwork or wall panels.


The surface of the Hebel Powerfence can be routed or covered with a variety of decorative wall panels – such as Stonini – to create customized, unique, and premium looks! If you prefer a more traditional appearance, you can have a gorgeously rendered masonry wall as your home’s visual grace!


  1. A cost-effective noise barrier

Simple fences may be affordable, but they never provide any noise insulation at all. In contrast, the Hebel Powerfence provides the double benefit of being cost-effective as well as acting as a great noise barrier. So whether it’s the neighbours’ partying that’s setting you off, or whether it’s the general noise pollution that’s ruining your calm home ambience, the Hebel Powerfence can help with keeping your home surroundings peaceful and quiet.


  1. Long lasting and easy to maintain

Aside from amazing soundproofing, Hebel Powerfence also lasts a lot longer than alternative products. This longevity ensures that you’ll have to invest a lot less in your boundary wall in the long run – especially given that you can easily maintain and upkeep it. All you need to do is rerender or repaint the surface for it to be restored to its former glory. You won’t have to invest in any heavy-duty maintenance ventures at all.


  1. Absolute sturdiness

Hebel Powerfence is one of the sturdiest and most durable that you’ll ever come across in the fencing systems. Its proven strength and quality will add to the longevity. It’s also eco-friendly and fire-resistant, so if you live in an area that is a potential red zone for bush fires, then this fence will be an ideal choice.


  1. Modular and easy to install

We live in a world where modular designing is bringing infinite ease to people’s lives, and that can also be incorporated in the Hebel Powerfence. It consists of several components that include Hebel Powerpanels ( either 1800/600/75mm or 2400/600/75mm), Powerfence brackets, extension pieces for the posts, capping packs, self-drilling screws 10-24x40, Hebel’s trademarked adhesive and more. 


All of these items seamlessly come together to deliver fast installation if done by certified Hebel installer. The base of the fence panels can be subjected to proper waterproofing where it comes in contact with the soil and all exposed reinforcing steel mesh is treated with Hebel’s anti-corrosion paint to ensure long-lasting durability.


  1. Additional features

The best part about going for a modular boundary wall like the Hebel Powerfence is that you can always go for additional features to truly make it feel like a part of your home exterior! You can customize the wall façade with accessories like the lighting, letterboxes, and the like. You can integrate retaining walls with your boundary fences if your home is located on a sloping site. The seamless appearance will enhance the aesthetic of your home and promise incredible results as a whole.


  1. Fully warranted and industry-approved

Hebel Powerfence is Australian designed, but it also adheres to all international quality standards. This boundary wall type is perfectly viable for all sorts of projects, be it residential or commercial. Its proven performance has made it popular with all sorts of professionals. Designers, builders, and suppliers recommend it to homeowners, and what really seals the deal is that CRS Hebel offers 20 years of warranty for Hebel Powerpanels!


So these are some of the reasons why you should opt for the Hebel Powerfence system. If you’re searching for a good alternative boundary wall, then it’s time to go modular with this one!

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